2014 > He Was A Worker

Muslin, cotton batting, cotton thread, metal thread, light projection

Each panel approximately 3'x4'

He Was A Worker is an installation of three cloth panels hung in the center of the room. Each panel consists of a group of words embroidered with metal wire, which becomes illuminated when a light is projected onto the surface of the piece. Smile Misty Sadness; Peasants Old Style; Worker Strong Willing. Viewers can circle the pieces and see light emitting through the pinholes on the back of each cloth panel. Their movement interrupts the projection as well as causes the panels to sway, which misaligns the embroidered letters and projected light.

I am interested in how a narrative text can be broken down, materialized and formed into an alternative portraiture. By illuminating these three words, my goal is to focus on the communicative possibilities and find clarity in an otherwise cryptic storyline. Basing my work on the text of a family friend, I am seeking to create a new interpretation through my own lens.